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Following two albums and just before the release of the album "Wir sitzen alle im selben Boot" [we all sit in the same boat] Steve Bender left the band in 1981 for a multitude of reasons. Despite this heavy loss, Dschinghis Khan charted two further hits in "Pistolero" and "Loreley".
Dancer and leading band member Louis Hendrik Potgieter died of AIDS in his home city of Cape Town, South Africa in 1993. The period that followed witnessed the release of many remixes and medleys of familiar Dschinghis-Khan hits, such as the single and album "Huh Hah Dschinghis Khan" (1993) or the "History of Dschinghis Khan" (1999).

In Memory

Southafrica 1993

"Louis we always keep you in our heart, we will always remember you"

Image Heinz Gross, music manager from Augsburg, was the driving force in the reunion of Dschinghis Khan. He brought the original members of the group back together in autumn 2005. Together with old and new Russian friends, Heinz Gross produced the “Reunion Concert”, performed by Dschinghis Khan in Moscow on the 17th December 2005. The stage production in the Moscow Olympic Arena comprised of 26 artic-lorry loads of equipment and stage rigging, totalling more than 300 tonnes in weight. The founding members Steve Bender, Edina Pop, Henriette Strobel (formerly Heichel) and Wolfgang Heichel presented the Dschinghis Khan Revue, together with 72 additional performers, in which they performed all of the hits and singles from the successful 1979 album "Dschinghis Khan" to thundering applause from approx. 30,000 fans. The Russian television station ORT 1 transmitted the concert across the globe. The show received an acclaimed television prize as the best Russian music show of the year.

On the 7th May 2006 Steve Bender passed away
following a long and difficult battle with cancer. A heavy blow for the last three band members. Should the band now finish for good? Following much consideration the group came to a decision to continue – also in the name of Steve Bender und Louis Hendrik Potgieter.

In Memory
Germany, Mai 2006

"Steve you are not here anymore, where you have been but you are everywhere we are!


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