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On the 15th July 2006 they performed once again, together with the dancers "The Legacy of Genghis Khan" in the Ulan Bator Stadium (Mongolia). As headline act, the group celebrated the 800th birthday of the Mongolian ruler Genghis Khan, together with his Great-Great-Great….Grandchild. A huge show with horses, camels and dancers in front of an amazing backdrop – performed in the world’s spotlight.

The convincing visual translation and extensive choreography which accompanies the songs was always an important part of any performance and the mark of Dschinghis Khan. And it remains so to this day! The members of the "The Legacy of Genghis Khan", who supported the original members Wolfgang Heichel, Henriette Strobel and Edina Pop on the stage, both with singing and dancing, originate from renowned training colleges for musical talent. These world class dancers and singers transport the stage to the formidable Mongolian era through their dance and acrobatics. The group selected Claus Kupreit as their choreographer, an exceptional young and talented dancer who added dance accompaniment to the group’s musical program with "The Legacy Of Genghis Khan".

A look at the characters in "The Legacy Of Genghis Khan" provides an overview of the dramaturgy of the show. The first would be Eltuya – the battle axe. She is a wild warrior and the daughter of Khan. He wanted a son but the child was born a daughter. She rides on a black stallion carrying a golden Mongolian battle axe. Then Fürst Ögödei, a son of Khan. He is a brilliant dancer and whirls a dervish around the stage. Igei is also a son of Khan. He is an attractive Mongolian dandy and more of a pop star than a warrior. The women all love him. Image
Prinzessin Ohla is her father’s favourite and is aptly carried around the stage in a sedan chair. Hereafter comes Yassa, gladiatorial and chaotic. He is a wild warrior and no head is safe from his sword. His fighting partner is Cash, a dangerous black warrior and the only man taken captive in a battle with Genghis Khan who now fights alongside him. Another outstanding character is the agile sword fighter Yesugan. She was stolen from a village as a small child and now also fights at the side Genghis Khan. She is a true mistress of the Sabre dance.


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