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The Legacy
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A look at the characters in "The Legacy Of Genghis Khan" provides an overview of the dramaturgy of the show.

The first would be Eltuya – the battle axe. She is a wild warrior and the daughter of Khan. He wanted a son but the child was born a daughter. She rides on a black stallion carrying a golden Mongolian battle axe. Then Fürst Ögödei, a son of Khan. He is a brilliant dancer and whirls a dervish around the stage. Igei is also a son of Khan. He is an attractive Mongolian dandy and more of a pop star than a warrior. The women all love him. Prinzessin Ohla is her father’s favourite and is aptly carried around the stage in a sedan chair. Hereafter comes Yassa, gladiatorial and chaotic. He is a wild warrior and no head is safe from his sword. His fighting partner is Cash, a dangerous black warrior and the only man taken captive in a battle with Genghis Khan who now fights alongside him. Another outstanding character is the agile sword fighter Yesugan. She was stolen from a village as a small child and now also fights at the side Genghis Khan. She is a true mistress of the Sabre dance.

Eltuya „the battle axe“
Prinzessin Ohla
Fürst Ögödei
Yassa „the warrior“


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